London-based fashion brand LYIA was born out of a desire to create timeless, high-quality feminine pieces that will form the basis of a considered wardrobe and be treasured forever.

At the heart of LYIA is the relationship with our customers, one which is built on trust and respect, with their needs and aspirations at the forefront of our design process. We aim to enhance the wearer's own sense of style and individuality with pieces that bring joy.

Founder and fashion designer Lia Souza takes as inspiration the easv glamour of the 1970s- think Bianca Jagger in sexy silk slip dresses, bow-neck blouses and free-flowing Halston gowns of the era that oozed sophistication yet were ultra-comfortable to wear. A former stylist, Lia also draws on Yves Saint Laurent's hip and effortless Rive Gauche label that helped to democratise fashion, allowing women to dress elegantly and affordably.

Every style is made in at least two samples - and sometimes as many
as four - to ensure the fit and finishing are perfect. Brazil-born Lia is influenced by the free-spirited and independent women she has encountered on her global travels, and it is these women whose essence she seeks to capture in her designs.